Ark Applications, LLC
Learn. Evolve. Grow.


Leverage our talents to grow your business.

Ark Applications was founded with the goal of utilizing our talents, experience, expertise and resources to work to help businesses in our community evolve. Through both Business Consulting and private equity, we expect to add significant value to businesses in the Tampa Bay ecosystem and beyond. Both aspects of our business enable us to fully utilize our internal and external resources to provide measurable value to the businesses with which we work.

Business Consulting

Every business faces challenges in their growth, whether due to strategic, process, or financial reasons. Thankfully we have resources to help navigate these difficult roads ahead to improve your chance of success. Our team has a wide array of talents and professional experience to mitigate some of the major issues you or your business may face. Our main areas of focus are:

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Operations
  • Process Excellence
  • Talent Assessment
  • Supply Chain & Procurement

Private Equity

In addition to providing consulting services, we also invest capital in businesses that have been fully evaluated by our team and see, to be a good fit with our resources. The goal is to maximize the impact of our involvement in companies, and in some cases financial infusion is required to meet these goals. We consider each engagement separately and determine what level of involvement, both financially and strategically, would be required to meet the goals we have in mind.

What does this process look like?


Our initial consulting phase focuses on listening and learning about your business, your team and your goals. We want to learn about you and you learn about us. We want to fully understand the 'tools' that you are using and the process in which you are operating. 

2) set goals & action plan

Once we have enough information to work with, we hold vision building sessions and start mapping out strategic plans. We also look at measurements of technology if available and conduct a responsibility matrix throughout the engagement. 

3) letting go

Finally we aim to set you up on how you can follow up and hold yourself, as an executive, accountable. We look at reviews to see if there has been progress and where changes need to be made. Once we complete our work, we may continue to serve in a mentoring role to continue to help our clients make progress toward their goals.