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Ark Applications Invests in Local Educational Technology Company Script For A Second Time.

TAMPA, Fla. - March 27, 2018 - Ark Applications announced today they have signed an agreement with local educational technology company, Script, closing their second round of funding. Over the past year, Ark Applications has actively worked with Script to refine the core product and develop an overall scaling strategy.

Script's mission is to utilize technology as a medium to foster more effective and efficient communication between the major stakeholders of schools. "Ark Applications has been a huge asset for us and our growth, and we look forward to working with them to impact the educational technology industry" says Script CEO Aaron White.

Script's technology platform has been immensely helpful to their customers by transitioning their field trips process to a simpler electronic format. A recent internal study done by Script found that one current customer earned a net benefit of more than $157,000 by using their software to distribute permission forms versus the traditional method/process. The software has not only saved the school some money, but also decreased the administrative burden for the school.

"We are overjoyed that we have further solidified our partnership with the Script team. Over the past year, Script has exhibited tremendous traction with their core product and has gained accolades recently from several national media outlets. We are firm in our support and belief in the team for future growth and success" says Ark Applications Managing Partner Daniel Greco.

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed. In connection with the partnership is an equity stake in Script, LLC, which will provide the team with resources needed to pursue a market expansion strategy.

For additional information on Script visit:

About Script:

Script, LLC is an educational technology company located in Tampa, FL. It was founded with the goal of creating an app to help foster more effective communication between the major stakeholders of schools.  Aaron White and Patrick Cahill founded the company in 2016, after both working within the school system and realizing they could help improve how schools communicate with parents and others.

About Ark Applications, LLC:

Ark Applications, LLC is a private equity and consulting firm located in the Tampa Bay area. Founded in 2015, the company has focused on helping startups realize their full potential through capital investment and mentorship. With several investments in their portfolio, the team has built their company around partnering with businesses that share their core values. The strong belief in partnerships over investments is consistent with the way in which the company was founded. The belief in creating lasting partnerships with others and working together for the greater good of all parties is what sets the business apart. To learn more about Ark Applications, LLC, visit

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